Friends of Ryan


Ruby, age 4

School starts tomorrow, and I was helping Ruby with the preparations. We spent some time choosing an outfit, then we talked. I asked her what she should remember on her first day. She quickly and confidently responded,

“Don’t say the F word.”

At least I don’t need to worry about that.

Kyle, age 4.3

For my 5 year old birthday, I wanna get this cake, this cinnamon bread cake” ~referring to Tastefully Simple’s NEW Sugar & Spice Chai Bread Mix!

So random… Kyle is talking about everyone in our family that he loves, mommy, daddy, his brothers, auntie Lori, grandma, grampa.  Then he says, “and Mim, but she’s dead so we have to go to Family Dollar and get some balloons with strings, and we have to make a cake, and tie the balloons on the cake and send it up in the sky. Then she’ll get it and eat it all and she’ll love it!”


I thought summer was supposed to be FUN. Instead, we are being forced to play outside every day!”



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