Two Kody’s

When Ryan got home and discovered we have a foster dog, he said: “Oh my god, I can’t believe we have 2 Kody’s! How did that happen! Oh my god!” When I said her name is Chloe, he said he would just call them both Kody, since they were the same except the girl Kody was much skinnier.

Handy Dandy Notebook!

Today we went to Staples to finish getting school supplies.  Ryan was jumping up and down by the bin of tiny composition notebooks – the kind designed to write down your homework.  “It’s a HANDY DANDY NOTEBOOK! I have to have it!” he grabs it out of the bin and did the Blues Clues dance that Joe/Steve does when it’s time to start looking for clues.  He continued to do that dance throughout the entire store, every second, every step.


To see what the dance looks like:  (starts at 3:00).