Brandon’s Novel

The story as told through Brandon’s eyes:

“But I didn’t want this leprechaun on my plate!” Ryan started to cry.   Our mom came into the dining room carrying her own plate and joined us at the table.

“What leprechaun?” She asked him, as if this was a normal question.

Ryan held up the slices of cucumber from his plate.  “I didn’t want these leprechauns!”  Mom looked at me and we burst out laughing.

“Those aren’t leprechauns! Those are cucumbers!” I told him, giggling between every word.

Ryan looked down at his plate and bit his lip, “oh yeah. I forgot. I thought they were called leprechauns for a minute.  But anyway, I don’t want the cucumbers, either.”

My brother was always saying funny stuff like that.  It was made even funnier because he never seemed to know what he was saying was funny until everyone laughed.  Once he knew it was funny, though, watch out – he would probably repeat it 20 more times until he pretty much wore the funny right out of it.

I pretty much tuned out of the conversation then, because mom was going on and on about the importance of healthy eating.  It’s not that I didn’t want to eat healthy; I just didn’t want to eat anything that was green, leafy or that grew out of the ground.

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